I came to yoga in my early 30s when the practices helped me find the way back to wellbeing, in the face of challenging circumstances. Yoga gave the strength and courage to face my problems and a way forward with healthy life choices.

Over the years I have explored many spiritual and personal development pathways looking for a way that includes everyone.

For me, Yoga is this.

I delight in the yoga that can be practiced by every body, irrespective of the level of mobility or apparent capacity to practice.

I am an accredited teacher affiliated with the Bihar School of Yoga.

I was gifted the name Atmavidya - Atma means soul or ‘light of consciousness’ and Vidya is a wisdom to be understood, imbibed and expressed in life.

I have been able to give service and enrich my learning in ashrams in New Zealand, Australia, Munger and Rikhia in India and continue to contribute to the work of the Anahata Health and Education Trust and Retreat in Golden Bay.

In 2008 I established the Parito Yoga Retreat near Raglan with my partner Pete and ran this until 2013 when I spent 9 months imbibing yogic lifestyle in the Bihar School of Yoga ashram in Munger, India then returned to New Zealand to direct The Vishuddhi Yoga Centre in Christchurch from 2014-2016.

My previous professional life has been in teacher education in the Waikato, schools and educational institutions in the North Island.

I am grateful for practices which are a source of strength in my life and have been carried by great teachers from the ancient traditions of yoga.

For the freedom, happiness, and consciousness of all beings, I can gently support the discovery of the different ways that practices can be experienced, in order to liberate energy that may be locked up in tension, so that well-being of body, mind and spirit can be experienced.


Karmavidya began her journey in the Satyananda Yoga Tradition 20 years ago training as a Satyananda Yoga teacher in Colombia, Latin America between 2010 and 2013. She has spent some time with her teachers in Ashrams in India, both on her own, and also with her children and husband.

Her professional background is in education – as a researcher and consultant – and her passion is to learn and practice about yoga in education. She is currently completing a PhD on ‘Care and restoration of relationship conflict at secondary education’ at the University of Canterbury.

"My experience in yoga has improved my capacity to live life more fully and to nurture head, heart and hands. I enjoy gardening, walking in the mountains, reading poetry, baking bread and swimming."

Nicky Woodward

Nicky Woodward is a registered Feldenkrais© practitioner and teacher. She has a background in health and has been involved with movement through education, rehabilitation, Yoga and personal practice for over 25 years. Her approach is grounded in the underlying principles of functional movement and human development with intention to support an enjoyable and sustainable self-practice.

Nicky teaches classes which encourage a deeper understanding of natural movement. The Feldenkrais approach emphasizes the importance of bringing quality of attention to the flow and experience of movement. This focus enables Yoga students - of all levels of experience and from all traditions - to discover a more organic and graceful practice. Working in this way helps students gain a deeper awareness of both body and being, to refine their movements and asana, and to enliven a sense of wellbeing.

She is a certified Awareness Through Movement© (ATM) teacher and NZ Guild certified Feldenkrais© practitioner (2010), and a NZ Registered Nurse. She completed an Advanced Yoga Teacher Training programme with Donna Farhi (2000), Ruthy Alon’s Bones for Life programme(2009), and attends yearly Advanced Feldenkrais teacher training programmes. 

Nicky also works on an individual basis with both children and adults. More about Nicky and her work can be found from her Movement Rewired website.

Rachel Meadowcroft

Rachel has been practising yoga for over a decade, most of this period alongside teachers steeped in the tradition of Bihar School of Yoga. She believes this tradition brings a beautiful balance of the mind, body and spirit to yoga practice, nourishing all parts of the being. Rachel has begun her yoga teacher training with IYTA and is looking forward to building on this with the students at Tara Centre. Her classes will have a mix of asana, pranayama and deep relaxation, as well as a little yoga theory. Rachel hopes that her classes will leave students feeling more at peace in their bodies and minds, and be a safe place for personal growth. Her professional background is in education as a secondary teacher and currently enjoying the journey of living yoga through parenting.