Totally Tailored Yoga.


we design a practice for your mind, body and soul that you can do at home;

we inspire a new direction with your home practice or adjust the home practice to take account of changing circumstances.


Our time together will focus on practices

to expand well-being of body, mind and spirit,

deepen awareness and the experience of connectedness with oneself.

We can also look to address imbalances or health conditions.

Atmavidya’s long time experience of working with practices herself, through many different imbalances as well as working with many students with different strengths, capacities and also imbalances, we can for example:

help create the inner environment that could welcome an new child into life (working with lifestyle to support fertility);

help bring to balance with physical changes, nervous endocrine system changes

that can come with different stages of life or imbalances;

help bring strength to your core or spine;

deepen nourishment received from sleep and create regularity with sleep;

deepen experience of peace and calm in life;

cultivate more positive emotional and mind states and healing from trauma;

explore ancient systems for purification and cleansing of the body, like the digestive system;

help develop a more natural and yogic lifestyle.

You can receive a written practice and you are welcome to audio/video record our time together.

Investment is $90 / Hour or $130 / 2 Hours.

For enquires and bookings in person or by phone or Skype, contact Atmavidya: